Life starts as a seed…

Life starts as a seed and it turns into a huge tree that is embraced by our arms. Life starts as a seed and seed blossom out like a growing of child so seed which is sprinkled becomes a part of life …

We make an effort for equality of opportunity in education.

Working for education is seen as a duty according to Faydasıçok Foundation Volunteers.

Since the day we are founded, we are supporting students and education in all levels from elementary schools to universities; and we are providing basic requirements such as toys, clothes, education materials and basic necessities. By means of both our own initiatives and collaborations, we are giving effort to support equal education all across Turkey.

Faydasıçok Foundation Volunteers support other developer projects with related nongovernmental organizations. Faydasıçok Vakfı Volunteers willingly have the sense of responsibility in topics regarding society so we aim for sustainable benefit…

Faydasıçok Foundation Volunteers feel their responsibility on issues that concern the society closely, including health, women's issues, the disabled, artistic and cultural development.


Our mission, modern, analyst, innovative, self-confident individuals by supporting mentored projects, have a lot of benefits to the community.


To be one of the respected foundations of our country that contributes to change with the awareness that education is indispensable for the development of the society in which we live.

The Board of Trustees of
Faydasıçok Foundation

Mr. Hasan Faydasıçok
Mrs. Nuran Faydasıçok
Mr. A.Naci Faydasıçok
Mr. Fatih Faydasıçok
Mr. Cem Faydasıçok
Mrs. Selcen Faydasıçok
Mrs. Gülay Faydasıçok
Mrs. Özlem Faydasıçok
Mr. Batuhan Faydasıçok

Board Members of
Faydasıçok Foundation

Mrs. Selcen Faydasıçok
Mrs. Gülay Faydasıçok
Mrs. Özlem Faydasıçok
Mr. Uğur Altundağ
Mr. Önder Ekinci
Mr.Murat Yıldız