We set out to find a pearl in each mother-of-pearl…

We set out to find a pearl in each mother-of-pearl…

We set out to find a pearl in each mother-of-pearl…

Hz.Mevlana says that “ People are good, people are beneficial ”.

As Hasan Faydasıçok Education Foundation (Faydasıçok Foundation), we have implemented a very special project which we call “ Sedefteki İnciler ”at the end of nearly one year of training and project development in order to be beneficial to the society.

The essence of our project is to raise awareness of our society against gender discrimination in education and to encourage our girls especially in the field of engineering.

The key part of the success of this project is the first stage and we are organizing information seminars for our girls to target higher education first and to make decisions without prejudice about gender discrimination in their professional choices.

In the second phase of the Sedefteki İnciler project, we provide financial support to young women studying in certain engineering departments, mentoring support and internship support given by experienced volunteer engineer women during their university education.

When they graduate in the following years, we plan to support both Faydasıçok Holding Group Companies and our long-standing network in the industrial sector in order to provide business support. Our aim is to help educate women engineers and to contribute to the development of our country.

Within the scope of our project

  • We aim to encourage our female students to work in the field of engineering with the seminars titled “Why Should I Become an Engineer? in high schools. Last year, we received very positive feedback from both students and school administrations in our activities in four schools in Konya. This year, with the permission of the Ministry of National Education, we continue our activities throughout the country.
  • In the second stage, we support our girls who prefer certain engineering departments financially with their scholarships during their university lives and spiritually with our volunteer mentoring network. We have selected 50 female students as scholars.
  • In addition, we offer internship opportunities to our scholarship students and job opportunities in line with the needs of our company when they graduate.
  • We will bring together personal development trainings and expert trainers with our students.